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Linde WebShop Mobile App

iOS & Android

Download our new Linde WebShop app, available for iPhone and Android users. With advanced functionality and innovative features, take advantage of everything the Linde WebShop app has to offer:

- Shop directly from your mobile phone

- Access tens of thousands of online & in-store products & check availability at your local or preferred store

- Use the barcode scanner to quickly access product information

- Sign in and manage your Linde WebShop account from the app

To learn more about what our app has to offer, download the Linde WebShop app for free in your App or Play store. Shopping for your home has never been this easy!

  • Step 1

    Download the Linde App

    Google Play Store Apple App Store
  • Step 2

    Sign in with your Linde WebShop registered email and password

    Forgotten your password

    If you don't have a Linde WebShop account

    Register now
  • Step 3

    Open the App, select the Canada store and click done.

    you are then ready to browse. To order gases, sign in with your WebShop registered email and password, then you're ready to go.


Frequently asked questions about Linde mobile app.

Yes. but in order to place orders you must be a Linde customer, and have registered for the Linde WebShop.

(You can register on WebShop or the mobile app.) You can then use your existing login details on the app to place orders.

Press the “Scanner” button along the top of the app.
If you have not already signed in, you will be asked to now.
The camera feature will then be enabled on your phone.
Position the red vertical line shown on screen on the barcode on the cylinder you wish to re-order.
The barcode will automatically be scanned, and the cylinder will be placed in your shopping cart.
You can then either scan another cylinder, or go to Checkout. If you encounter problems, press the Help button on the scanner page.

  • You can browse through all the products in the catalogue to find out prices and detailed product information.
  • You can search for specific products
  • Scan gas cylinder barcodes to re-order
  • Registration on the app for existing Linde account customers
  • My profile - including Contact Information, Delivery Address, and Checkout Preferences
  • Change your password
  • View and pay invoices
  • View your cylinder holdings
  • Scan and view your cylinders
  • Pay by card or on your Linde Account
  • Contact us (direct dial button)

  • Browse through the catalogue, search for a product, or scan a gas cylinder. Place the items in your Shopping Cart, then continue to Checkout. You can edit your delivery details, Purchase Order number, and Payment details before placing the order.

    For iPhones, you will need version 7.1 and higher (version 7.1 was released 10/03/14)
    For Androids, you will need version 4.3.1 and higher (version 4.3.1 was released 24/07/13)

    When you intall the app, select the appropriate country for the app.

    You can simply download the app again to your new phone, use your usual login details and continue using the app as before.

    We will be continually adding to the functionality of the app. My Account is one such feature that will be released in a future update.

    Please see the instructions for your mobile device on how to delete an app.