Welding Gas Equipment

Linde offers an extensive range of gas equipment to suit almost every welding application. Buy your welding gas equipment and accessories online from Linde today.

Gas Cutting & Welding Kits

Welding and cutting kits are a complete and convenient solution to get you started on your welding, cutting, heating and brazing applications. Buy your welding and cutting kits online from Linde today.

Cutting Tips & Nozzles

Plasma cutting tips from Linde are available in a range of types to suit your plasma cutting torch and plasma cutting applications. Buy your plasma cutting tips online from Linde today.

Welding, Brazing & Heating Tips

Linde supplies welding tips, brazing tips and heating tips for a range of gases. Buy your tips online from Linde today.

Gas Equipment Accessories

Linde supplies an extensive range of accessories for gas equipment including cutting guides, flint lighters, tip cleaners and more. Buy your gas equipment accessories online from Linde today.

Gas Hoses & Fittings

Gas hoses from Linde include a range of acetylene, oxygen, LPG gas hoses and fittings to suit your gas applications. Buy your gas hoses and fittings online from Linde today.

Gas Regulators

Gas regulators from Linde include a broad range of single and multi-stage regulators to suit most fuel gas welding, cutting and heating processes, and compressed gas applications. Buy your gas regulators online from Linde today.

Flashback Arrestors

Flashback arrestors from Linde are crucial when welding and cutting with gas to minimise the risks of flames and explosions. Buy your flashback arrestors online from Linde today.