Tools & Hardware

Tools and hardware including cutting tools, drill bits, saws, abrasives, brushes, machine tools, power tools, and cordless tools.


Whether you are using a grinder, table saw, circular saw or chop saw, we have the right cutting, grinding, blending, sanding, finishing and cleaning tools for your job.

Hand Tools

Hand tools from Linde include a range of cutters, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, spanner, sockets, wrenches and many more. Buy your hand tools online from Linde today.

Power Tools & Accessories

Whether you are grinding, sanding, polishing or drilling, it is important that you have the right power tools to do the job.

Wire, Wheels & Brushes

Wire wheels and brushes from Linde are suitable for cleaning and maintaining tools such as bench grinders and angle grinders. Buy your wire wheels and brushes online from Linde today.